About us

We are two normal guys who just thought of creating something useful for everyone. Like you, Joseph and I find ourselves getting busier in this new globalised world. We seem to lose track of events in our life. Forget about remembering stuffs that happen 3 months ago, we can't even remember events that happen 3 days ago!

Not only do we want a way to help us recall our life, we want it to be fun and easy. If we are so busy, how do we have the time to update information about our life in the first place?

Having all these considerations in mind, we designed myTimeWall.

My attempt to come up with a single sentence on what myTimeWall does: It is social blogging* on a timeline.

*Social blogging on myTimeWall relies on one's social network to help you create your life events.

myTimeWall works when people share small pieces of their past life events with others. Over time, these accumulated bits and pieces of memories will form your life memory on your personalised TimeWall.

It is also fun to share life events with others because other participants can feel totally different from you. You might have enjoyed yourself at an event, while another might feel that it was a lousy event. This difference in perspective of the same event can be dangerously fun!

Introducing our 2 man team

Shawn Cheong Dewei (Dewei pronounces like "The Way")
One of the founder
Hi there,

I hope you like what we have created for you. It should be fun. See you around!

If you need to talk to me, you can reach me at shawn@myTimeWall.com.

Joseph Chua
The other founder
Hope you will find myTimeWall as useful as we do. Let's have fun mapping our life journeys here. =)

If you need to talk to me, you can reach me at joseph@myTimeWall.com.

So... What is the TimeWall?

Just look below. That is the center piece of myTimeWall. Upon registration, you will have your personalised TimeWall which showcases your moods of each life event over time.

Play with our TimeWall. Zoom and scroll it. Click on the event icons to know more about us.

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